light a new path


With tools to help you heal, support to help you connect to your innermost self, and guidance to help you discover and align with your soul's direction, luminous life supports people from all walks of life in lighting their own path and thriving in their lives, using tools from a variety of  holistic and natural therapies.


Experience healing across every level of your being, helping you move forward to live the life you dream of.


Create your life in conscious connection with your soul's expression.


Take your own client work to a whole new level.


Suzanne Leonard helps passionate, socially conscious individuals, align within themselves to live a life of inspiration, depth, meaning and ease. 

People come to luminous life because they are excited about the possibility of lighting a new path in their life, are looking for support to heal the things that are holding them back and want to learn how to create in conscious choice from the depths of their soul.

luminous life also offers mentoring and support for practitioners to deepen their own abilities in working across multiple levels with their own clients.

luminous life is here to inspire, empower and educate those who want to bring their own unique expression, their own unique soulsong, into the world.

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