A multifaceted approach to healing

With experience working one-on-one with over 500 clients globally, having studied Psychology, Kinesiology and Qi Gong, and with much experience as a Medical Intuitive, Soul Seer and Empath, Suzanne's work with her clients focusses on utilising each person's innate understanding of themselves and their individual needs for healing.

"After experiencing migraines for more than 2 years, and having a headache every single day, I had had CAT scans, MRIs and all kinds of other medical tests.  I was told that there was nothing medically wrong with me and that there was nothing more that could be done, other than give me increasingly strong pain killers.......after a few sessions (with Suzanne) it became normal to not have a headache.  And then I realised that I was having to think back to having my last headache.  I suddenly realised that I was no longer keeping a diary of them, and that I'd just gotten on with my life, without even realising." GJ, South Australia

With more than 15 years experience in support of profound healing, Suzanne has created a process that supports each of her clients in reaching their desired level of health.

How its done...


In accessing the underlying cause of our issues,  we give ourselves a clear space to work through them

We often need to reach deep within to connect to the underlying issues surrounding our imbalances.

To support a stable base for deeper healing, we begin with the foundations of:

- nutrition

- rest and relaxation

- physical activity and strength 

- flow of energy/Qi/Life Force

- mental, emotional and spiritual ease

Using various techniques we then look at what other underlying factors may be contributing to your current health concerns.


Let go, from every level of your being, of all the  things that hold you back  from being true to your highest purpose


With clarity around the factors contributing to your concerns, we are then able to search for ways to release the issue in a manner that best supports you.

Suzanne uses tools gained in her training in psychology, kinesiology and qi gong, as well as her skills as a medical intuitive and empath.

An important part of this process is helping you learn to release from within yourself, so that you feel empowered, free and able to take responsibility for your ongoing health and wellbeing.


Find inspiration instead of reaction - 

in letting go of that which holds us back, we free ourselves to be inspired by our true nature

When our motivation to create comes from stress or a need to move away from something we don't like, it is much harder to see what really inspires us.  We are driven by reaction, rather than moving forward in conscious choice.

So, at luminous life, you are supported in releasing whatever is holding you back so that you are free to choose a new path with clarity and freedom.


Create the life you dream of, 

clear and unencumbered,

true to your highest purpose

Having the clarity to create our goals from conscious choice is just the beginning - it is important to ensure that we have all the understanding, knowledge and tools we need to bring these goals into tangible reality.

The aim is for you to leave luminous life feeling empowered and independent, knowing what is best for you in support of your ongoing health, and feeling capable of continuing this in your daily life.