Rediscover your own unique magic - learn to live in conscious expression from your highest potential.

Learn to create this life from the very depths of your being.  Access the insights of your soul - understand your current path in this time, and identify what is needed to bring your clearest expression into reality.

Working with those who want to make a positive difference in this world - Suzanne draws on her background as a Soul Seer, Empath, and Healer to help her clients learn to consciously create their path, in alignment with their soulsong. 

"Suzanne is an amazing guide and Seer, she is able to connect to your guides and tune into your core spirit. The process and journey she took me on clarified events from my past that had previously confused me, and she was able to guide me to define my soul purpose and be confident in pursuing that with courage. This has given me great peace in knowing why I am on this particular journey. Knowing that I have a new friend and confidant who is connected in such a way that I can always seek clarification and know that the information will be honest, heart felt and treated with integrity. Suzanne has a number of amazing gifts for this world, anyone who has the fortune of working with her to seek their own answers will be truly blessed by the experience."

Dee Scown, South Australia

Create your life in conscious connection

with your soul's expression: 

live the song of your soul


When we live within this life from the very depths of our beings, we can experience a peace and drive that knows no bounds.  In connecting to our soulsong, we can begin to see what has been holding us back from living with ease and passion.  We can receive guidance from a part of ourselves that is not limited by our past experience, fears, limiting belief systems or other blocks.

"My absolute joy is in helping those I work with reconnect to the very essence of themselves.  As a Soul Seer & Empath, I connect to the highest expression of you, the part of you that decided to walk this plane of existence, the part of you with dreams to express in this physical world.  Sometimes we need to understand and release stressors to reach this part of you.  Sometimes, even on a soul level, you might be feeling stuck, confused or at a loss about how you can bring your greatest visions into physical reality.  Sometimes past experiences, from both this life and others, are impacting the way in which you feel able to create your current path. At this time in humanity's evolution, most of us have been through many different lifetimes and timelines, and many are holding multiple layers of experiences that can feel difficult to unravel and release.

Working together, we look at what your highest aspect is wanting to create in this time, and what may be making this difficult.  Sometimes experiences from the past, whether this life or others, cloud our ability to create from our purest intention.  When this happens you can feel confused, stuck, disillusioned and frustrated, and this can be held on any level of your being.  As we work together, I connect to the parts of you that most want to ‘talk’, the part of you that is looking for expression, and I listen to what you feel is holding you back.  For most, any stress that the soul is carrying will be reflected in their physical lives in some way.  So we work across every level of your being, to ensure that we access your highest visions, and that we support your ability to express that vision in the physical, tangible world, so that you can live and create as your truest self every day.”  

~ Suzanne Leonard, founder of luminous life