Suzanne studied both Psychology and IT as part of a Bachelor of Science, leading into a corporate career in Information Security, whilst simultaneously following her passion for competitive dance. After a back injury initiated chronic migraines, Suzanne turned her attention to completing a 4 year advanced diploma in Kinesiology (ICPKP), and spent 4 years learning Qi Gong from a 14th generation, traditional Master.

During this time, while searching for a way through chronic pain, she reconnected to her childhood empathic abilities and now combines her skills as a Soul Seer, Empath and Medical Intuitive with her training in Psychology, Kinesiology and Qi Gong.

She is passionate about helping those she works with learn to connect to their soulsong, releasing anything that holds them back from a life of meaning, happiness and health.

From my soul to yours

I LOVE connecting to and working with passionate, inspired

and motivated people who are here to make their difference in the world.


I LOVE helping those who are wanting to do their sacred work, to align and create,

to unlock their highest potential and live as their truest selves.


I AM passionate about clearing the things that

hold you back from being true to your highest imaginings.


And I am COMMITTED to holding this space with you,

even when it feels hard to find your way.


After having dealt with some pretty major blocks of my own – self-worth issues stemming from childhood abuse, a back injury and migraines, a career in big corporate that felt good to my ego but not to my soul, and other things I won’t bore you with – I realised that there was so much more that I wanted to do with this life. 

So I decided to get into life as completely as I possibly could.  To get my hands dirty, to get my body strong and my energy clear, to put myself out there in the truest and most profound way that I could, and to allow my soul to shine.

I decided to do this in the most authentic way that I could, to hold a space for those who are struggling or feeling blocked, for those who feel stuck but don’t understand why, for those who know why, but just can’t seem to find their way through.

A core component of this work is connecting to the song of your soul, finding the spark that lights you up, resettling you into your clearest purpose, Together we will talk to your soul, support profound healing in your body and release you from whatever is holding you back.

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